Are the job offers up to date?

Of course you will find only the latest job vacancies in our career portal. However, we can only represent a fraction of our potential in this way. If you couldn’t find the right job, please don’t hesitate to take the initiative and apply!

Who can apply at TechConnect?

You have completed your studies / professional education in technical fields successfully or already gained professional experience and you are currently looking for new perspectives that offer an exciting and varied scope of duties and individual development possibilities in a social dominated environment. We are looking forward to receive your application, ideally 1-2 months prior to your desired start date.

Which documents are required?

In order to process your application as quickly and correctly as possible we need,  indicating your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations, a brief cover letter, your CV including a head word style job description used with tools, technologies, and programming languages , as well as relevant certificates.

What happens upon receipt of my application?

When your application is received, you will achieve an arrival notice via email. Our team recruiting will check possible vacancies matching to your skills profile and gives you a real-time feedback on how to proceed.

What if I didn’t find the right job?

 If you couldn’t find a suitable job in our career portal, there is the possibility of an initiative application. Each qualification profile is thoroughly processed and tested in terms of suitable positions. If we still do not find a suitable job, we would like to keep your profile in our applicants pool and come back to you again at a later time.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Your personal information will be kept confidential and used only for the TechConnect internal processing of the application process. Information won’t be given to third parties without your consent. About the storage of your data in our applicant pool, for example to inform you about future vacancies, you’ll be kept informed regularly.

I don’t have a work permit for Germany/ don’t live in EU countries. What do I need to prepare for my application?

Please check your degree in the Anabin database in preparation for the blue card process and include the result in your application.
Moreover, if you don’t hold a visa of any kind (e.g. Schengen visa), please make an appointment for it at the embassy asap. It can take quite some time to get it, so get this process going as soon as you decide to seriously search for a job in Germany.

Which kind of support TechConnect provides for entry?

To make the entry at TechConnect as enjoyable and smooth as possible, there is a free accommodation available for the first few weeks. In addition we offer our assistance and support in finding housing in form of a pro rata relocation / broker reimbursement.

What conditions exist with respect to the employment contract?

At TechConnect employments are basically fixed and permanent, set to full-time basis with a flexitime account. The salary will be customary in the market and on mutual agreement.

Who can answer further questions?

If you have further questions about the application process and our jobs, you can reach our colleagues in the team recruiting
by phone: +49 89 139905 40
or email:

For general questions about TechConnect please contact us
by phone: +49 89 139905 0
or email: