TechConnect was set up in 1998 as software development enterprise. The company’s big breakthrough came with the development of business-critical applications.

Due to the high demand and the associated tasks, a company evolved from what was initially a ‘one-man band’, which eventually migrated from being a product producer to a project and development partner within the engineering environment.

Today, TechConnect employs over 100 permanent members of staff and, as such, offers its customers a stable partnership. Thanks to the ongoing further development of the project-experienced employees, we offer our customers a first-rate combination of professional und social skills.

At the same time, our customers benefit from our company’s wealth of experience in critical software and engineering projects.

TechConnect has implemented four offices in Garching and Nuremberg. These four offices include engineering centers and fully equipped laboratories for software and hardware development. 40 to 100 engineers are developing state of the art systems in these laboratories. These nearby development centers contribute to an expanded partnership with our customers and the complete rounding off of our portfolio.

Depending on the task and the request of the customer, projects can be realized on customer site, in shared teams or in-house in one of our engineering center.
We tackle the high-pressure environment between innovation, quality, speed and flexibility through continuous development and systematic optimization of our actions.
Due to the previous points and over 20 years of development experience, TechConnect is rated as a preferred and main supplier by many customers and viewed as a trusting partner.

Data and Facts

TechConnect GmbH

Development and technology partner for complex, state of the art hard- & software development projects

Year of foundation: 1998
Number of employees: >100
Skillset: HMI, High Detailed Maps, Functional Safety, Simulation, Industrial Electronics, Mobility Electronics, Home Electronics, Production & Logistics, Test Systems, Detection- & Communication Systems, Consulting, Safety Critical & Security Systems, Power System.
Location: Headquarter: Garching
  Engineering Center: Garching, Nuremberg