Our employees

Our company works almost exclusively with full-time employees on permanent contracts, with freelance colleagues only being deployed occasionally in projects in exceptional cases.

We endeavour to develop long-term and trusting working relationships with our employees. Through accompanying training and coaching measures, our employees have the opportunity to constantly further develop themselves in both a professional and personal capacity.

Talent management

TechConnect currently employs over 150 highly qualified members of staff. In 2020, we are planning to increase this number. The continuous increase in our workforce reflects the trust of our staff.

This continuity is a critical success factor for establishing long-term working relationships with our customers.

The personal support customers receive from staff and our constant efforts to support them in their undertakings plays a central role in this regard.

Employment structure

As we are a development company with relevant qualification requirements, the vast majority of our employees have a high school education, and some have graduate qualifications.

However, the personality and the professional experience of the individual are very important to us. Study is thus no insurmountable prerequisite.

Comparable training or experience also offer a good basis for those wishing to work with us.